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i draw when i'm bored....

...when i'm inspired, the results are different from what i had expected.....

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Pixel Art - Gilbert Nightray by JKiryu




Fleur by Jnennyuki
O3O If you remember Fleur, she's my Black Bullet OC, and here I drew her again. A cursed child, she has a doll-like appearance, but is very unbeatable in combat. She moves graceful and lithe, yet lethal.
Let's say she's 14-15 here, still prefers laces and ribbons. However, in spite of that old taste of hers, Fleur displays a regal yet mysterious atmosphere, behind that doll-like appearance lies great secrets that shouldn't be revealed....

Note: I kinda became detailed here QwQ, and as per suggestion of a friend, I should draw other stuff and make use of those detailed lines as I did back then....oh well o3o I plan to draw Misha and Tsukino next the same detailed stuff....after I'm done with all the coaching here >w<!!!!!!!!!
And finally after a day of no-upload, i just uploaded now...>.> 
Counterparts in Hogwarts by Jnennyuki
Counterparts in Hogwarts
Okaay, Cross-over time! Idk why this idea came out but it has something to do with the fact that I was once addicted to Harry Potter ^^;
Imagine if the four counterparts of Chihana enrolled in Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Let's say they decided to part ways on the different houses they chose xD

:bullet: Honoka- Ravenclaw- due to her calm personality and the way she duels; she relies more on the strategy she prepared beforehand and the same time, she relies much more of her mind than her heart.

:bullet:Chihana- Gryffindor- In spite of losing three people she loved, she still remained strong. Strong-willed yet hard-headed at times, her preference for being alone changed as when she met new friends and enemies along the way.

:bullet:Shirayuki- Hufflepuff- In spite of her warm personality, Shirayuki shows that not mere kindness can help you gain your way to the top, but also you have to work hard for it.

:bullet:Nanami- Slytherin- Her past shows that one way to survive the cruel world is to be cunning and sly, even if it takes to manipulate and hurt others.

Originally, I intended for Honoka to be in Gryffindor and Chihana to be in Ravenclaw, because as showed in the books and the movie, Gryffindor and Slytherin (Nanami) are the houses that clashed ^^; but I changed my mind, because if there's one person who relies here more on what she knew, then it's Honoka. However, Chihana is a bit deeper, but at times, she relies on her instincts xD Besides, it's for a change ^^;

Maybe next time, they should be in a Quidditch tournament xDDDDD

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ||The Four Houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff||Harry Potter (c) JK Rowling
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V (c) Kazuki Takahashi
Chihana Kotonamiya, Honoka, Shirayuki, Nanami||art (c) me
Just like everyone else from Heartland, Honoka was a duelist of smiles and fun; and she loves to entertain everyone. She was known to be energetic and acrobatic, especially at times when she's all- hyped up. However, her recent status: she is living under the shadow of her big sister, Yukari and her sister's best friend,  Hideo, who saved her from being carded by the Obelisk force three years ago. Yukari was a good duelist and Honoka looks up to her until the time came when they were assaulted by the Academia and before her very eyes, she was trapped in a card. She was entrusted in the care of her sister's best friend-slash-fierce rival, Hideo,who did his best to protect Honoka and the rest of the survivors from the Obelisk Force. However, before her very eyes once more, Hideo was sealed in card, which then was ripped into pieces. She was about to challenge the culprit but she was then gone before her very eyes, being transported to somewhere else. However, she could still picture out the image of the very monster who ended the duel in favor of the victor- a silhoutte of a mad queen cracking in mad laughter.

In this matter, Honoka vowed to fight back, slightly for vengeance. She resolved to be tough and strong; keeping all resentment with her so that it won't affect her in her duels, especially against the fusion scum. However, in a certain duel with an Obelisk soldier, Honoka was enraged that she attacked him almost brutally to the instant that almost killed her opponent, but after regaining her senses stopped and trapped him in a card instead. That incident made her realize to seal all emotions she had, no matter what. She ceased her smiles, and displayed a rather cold attitude towards everyone, but when she's all alone, she cries.
In spite that cold attitude of hers, she's actually protective of her people. If someone challenges her friends, she would normally jump in before the actual duel starts and handles the opponent all by herself.

Even if she's part of the Resistance, she is not quite on good terms with Shun due to the latter being unapproachable and the former having rules on her own. In fact, she prefers taking down the opponents by herself without his aid or even help from others. However, one time when Shun wanted to give her  a piece of his mind, and as he stopped her, they stared into each other's eyes. His image was reflected on her golden eyes, he came to realize her pain, and the world she had seen. Honoka as well had realized this, before swatting his hand and ran away.

Three years after the invasion of Academia, she decided to cross dimensions with her destination leading to the Fusion Dimension, but ended up in Standard instead. She interacted unconspicously with the people and didn't have any strong bonds with anyone, but she was surprised to see the surroundings change as the Battle Royale began. While wandering around the Volcano area, she had a glimpse of a very familiar silhoutte and as a result ran towards it. Upon her arrival, she once again witnessed a random duelist being carded by a girl around her age, behind her was the monster who was very familiar to her. Another thing that had her surprised, the girl before her has the same face as hers. Before she knew it, she found herself face-to-face with her fusion counterpart-Nanami- and decided to settle scores with her.  

In her duel with Nanami, despite the former taunting her, Honoka calmly responded, until such time when, with a slip of a tongue wherein Nanami mentioned about Hideo being carded and tore to pieces. That ignited her rage and decided to duel for vengeance, which was then the cause of her defeat. She was about to suffer the same fate until Shirayuki showed up and interrupted what Nanami was about to do.

She was then transported to the Synchro dimension with Shirayuki, who tended her until she regained her strength back. She then adjusted to her new place, but insisted on staying indoors, until such time when Shirayuki left to look for Yuugo  wherein Honoka explored the commons area. She was later dragged in an undergound duel, where she had to face Shun, who was astonished enough to see her in Synchro dimension. Instead of dueling him, she wanted to walk away but Shun stopped her and asked what had happened the girl who had pissed him off by hogging all duels. Honoka shrugged, though she did thought of his words. Shun forced her to watch him duel. As his duel with Dennis was interrupted due to Security barging in, Honoka slipped past the captors and had escaped while leaving the rest to their fates. She returned back to Shirayuki's place whom she had caught dreaming. She cleared her throat to stop what Shirayuki was up to and then reported of what had happened and why she disappeared.

Deck: Divine Reform
Ace: Justice, the Blind Queen of Truth||Metis, the Herald of Truth
Summoning Chant: Majesty of truth, reveal unto us the rays of reality, deliver your judgement to the false and wicked! XYZ summon, Rank 5:Justice, the Blind Queen of Truth!
Interesting note:
(1) Instead of wearing red scarves, Honoka wears two red ribbons tied on her hair, and her coat isn't that overflowing, and ends up above her knees. And if you're wondering if she interacted with Shigeru and Yuji, the answer is yes but she doesn't know their names, just by their appearance. In fact, she just doesn't care...though Shun pisses her off and vice versa. :P
(2) Even so, she is uncertain with her feelings for Shun.  Though she knew that they both mirror each other...Still, he has a huge impact on her.  
(3) What she thinks of Shirayuki who was her benefactor: a pink, typical, girly -girl princess who wants to be rescued by a prince. But she has no complaints of Shirayuki's pink schemes. She is ever grateful for Shirayuki who looked after her.
(4) Change outfit around the second season....from skirts to shorts.
(5) While riding with Shirayuki who was dueling against some Duel Chasers, she took notice that Shirayuki's behavior and aura changes- from that bubbly, hopeless romantic to a queenly strategist. Somehow, Honoka wanted to assist Shirayuki but she refused, telling her to leave everything to her.
(6)She attempted to ride a duel runner as based from what she had seen from Shun while in the underground dueling arena. She would practice using Shirayuki's although it was supposedly off-limits (at least according to Shirayuki), but what else could she do? Anyway, she crashed into a bush and let's the duel runner had a bit of a malfunction, much to Shirayuki's chagrin!
(7) Important item: She wears blue, tear-designed earrings that has a close semblance to Chihana and Nanami's pendants, and Shirayuki's centermost design on her bangle.
(8) Crossdressing with Shirayuki...turns out it was a fail because Shirayuki's adoptive father showed up and dueled the latter. She took a pair of scissors and trimmed Shirayuki's hair. After all, the latter complained of the wig, so the idea was necessary, rather then letting her hair loose or tying it in a bun. Anyway, Honoka simply tucked her hair under her long coat, and of course, no way she's cutting her long, silky hair xD
Originally, she wasn't that brutal nor mad when she was young. Rather, she was the victim of bullies and the object of abuse and neglect by her adoptive parents. When time came she couldn't handle it anymore, Nanami stole her adoptive parents' hidden money and ran away, not minding whether she'd been labelled as a thief. However, life on the streets wasn't that easy for her, it was worse than the life she had before. When one of the street kids who was fond of pushing her around stole her deck and destroyed  her last remaining possession in purpose- a teddy bear whom she had rescued from its fate in the dumpster while living with her adoptive parents (the kid tore a few bits, and stuff) - she was overcome with anger that she almost killed him. Instead of fleeing away, Nanami remained on where she was, this time tormenting those who had bullied her back then until such a time came she and some of the kids were kidnapped by a group of criminal duelists. Nanami experienced hell again when they were taught to duel, then tested as to who would survive the game to the pleasure of other underground duelists who bet on who would strive to make it. When one of the kids died before her eyes, Nanami's psychic abilities were awakened. She successfully fusion summoned a dangerous and powerful monster- The Mad Queen of Queens- which cause the system to be broken. Challenging those kidnappers and those who sneered coldly at them, Nanami beat them with her monster rather brutally, killing some of those men in the process. Those who had witnessed this ran away, fearing the same fate, calling Nanami a "devil." Instead of showing  hurt and insult and even defending herself, Nanami smirked, and laughed madly, realizing that the only person whom she can truly trust is herself.

After that incident, Nanami was taken to Academia where she retains her mad and a bit-of-elitist attitude where she scares her schoolmates by her sudden laughter and the like (but little did she know that the underground dueling where she and some kids were taken was like another test to see who fits well in Academia).  It turns out that her mad attitude was just for the show; her defense mechanism because deep within, she is lonely and hurt. But she enjoys that the rest of her schoolmates fear her though...

Nanami later found out that she was abandoned when she was a baby on the doorsteps of her step parents, and that she was an unwanted child of her biological father who was suffering from mad fits at that time, claiming that she wasn't his child but a child from her mother's illicit affair with another man, even if he had no proof and that this was false. While sleeping in her crib, she was taken away by her father and left her to her fate on the doorsteps of her step parents who then found her on the same night and decided to look after her, knowing that even if she was an another mouth to feed, she would be useful with the chores and other menial tasks. Meanwhile, her father murdered her mother on that night and when he realized what he has done, he committed suicide. Ironically, Nanami didn't break into tears. Instead, she took out the worn out teddy bear she managed to rescue from its horrible experience back in the streets and embraced it tightly, knowing how much of an outcast she was.

In connection to the tragedy of the XYZ dimension three years ago, where she was among the frontliners that invaded the XYZ dimension, a certain duelist pissed her off and unable to control her anger, she carded that person and tore it to pieces (._.), a catalyst which eventually transported her back to Academia. As a punishment, Professor ordered her not to cross dimensions anymore, much to her chagrin. This caused her to sneak out but up to no avail. However, when  Professor had no choice but permit her to cross dimensions, he requires her to be escorted in order to stop her from doing anything harmful(though I'm guessing that the Obelisk soldiers are scared to deal with her). The only thing that the Obelisk soldiers hate about her is that she's good at escaping them for countless of times (Professor, you need to hire a better escort ._. After all, Nanami was used to run away, so that makes her an expert escapist.), and the recent one she did was by sealing them in cards, so that no one would bother her. Ever.
The reason why Nanami went to Standard was, just like Serena, she wants to finish those XYZ remnants by her own strength as what as she had heard from Sora. Turns out that destiny made its move in order for her to settle scores with Honoka, her XYZ counterpart.
Skip forward :P, She taunted Honoka in their duel, in which the latter at first responded calmly. Annoyed by Honoka's calm composure, Nanami resorted by mocking the person whom she carded then tore into pieces. At this point, Honoka raged, and blinded with revenge made a huge misplay with her cards and grabbing this opportunity, Nanami summoned her ace monster and activated its effect, thus winning the duel. She was about to card Honoka who was moping on her knees when she was interrupted by a turbo duelist- Shirayuki.  

Deck: Wonderland Madness (kind of like Alice in Wonderland-themed deck)
Ace: Mad Queen of Queens|| Queen of Nightmares
Summoning chant: Red Queen who rules the red roses; White Queen who governs the white roses, disappear behind the red and blue curtains of majesty, be reborn as the dark queen who oversees the rule of Wonderland and impose judgement to those who rebel. Fusion Summon! Level 5: Mad Queen of Queens
Interesting note:
(1) When Nanami attacks with her ace, she'd also say the line Off with your head! (....>.>) If she attacks with Mad Queen of Queens, she'd say Fall into the pits of hellish agony!  
(2) She isn't afraid of the Professor, and even Yuuri. She hasn't met Serena yet (oddly speaking), but when she was in Standard, she simply acknowledged Serena for the duelist she is, before running off to deal with any astray XYZ duelists.
(3)About her personality: when she's around her school mates, she acts like a psycho, the same goes when she's dealing with Yuuri and the Professor. But when she's alone with her worn out stuffed toy with the bunny ear, well, she acts normal, save for the part that she mumbles "no one wants you or me, so we're allies." And when she acts like a pessimist (albeit privately), her ace slowly takes control of her and fills her with hatred. No wonder she acts devilishly in a duel. After all, her ace takes advantage of her negative emotions thus causing her to vent her anger on her opponents.
(4)The sole reason why she tore a carded duelist (Hideo) into pieces was due to the fact that prior to their invasion of XYZ, Nanami found out what had happened to her parents and why she was raised by someone else. Because what she discovered was distressing, she decided to vent on her anger on any XYZ duelist who would come across her path. So far, among the opponenets she dealt with, Hideo pissed her off due to the fact that he questionned why on earth would they invade for the purpose of uniting the worlds as one. At the same time, he mentionned about defeating all from Fusion, insulting them as worthless rats controlled by a single pest with a doubtful ambition.
(5) Her first given name ( as in the one given by her biological mother) is Emiko meaning "beautiful blessing child". Her mother really loved her even if her father is that mad. She gave her her choker (the one Nanami has been wearing all the time, plus the pendant has a similar design to Chihana's), because as an infant, Nanami kept on grasping the pendant while being carried by her mother. Then, when she was found at the doorsteps, her adoptive parents couldn't find any traces of her name, so they renamed her as "Nanami".
(6) She returned to Standard for payback against Shirayuki. And if it happened that Honoka is with her, she'll card both duelists after beating them. However, she ran into her Standard counterpart, Chihana.
(7) Wrath moment: when her standard counterpart uses XYZ and Synchro, well, tantrums. Hell yeah.
Ok, I'll be posting the stories of Chihana's counterparts. Nothing much, just thought I'd do it ^^; Btw, Nanami means  seven seas. Because of this meaning, I used to settle for an underwater-themed deck but after watching Dangan Ronpa, plus considering herpersonality, I changed my mind. Plus with a side of Alice in Wonderland.


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