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i draw when i'm bored....

...when i'm inspired, the results are different from what i had expected.....

Pixelled Copyright by Sophibelle
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Pixel Art - Gilbert Nightray by JKiryu





Thanks for the 17 000+ pvs by Jnennyuki
Thanks for the 17 000+ pvs
:meow: The title says it all xD I've made it up to 17, 000+ pvs so far and as I am grateful I drew my evil angels: Nen and Chihana. stupid camera didn't follow the colors this time xP wellnvm xDDDD 

Anyway, as gratitude to some of my fellow watchers and friends, I might surprise you this Christmas, but the presents might be a little late ^^;

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (c) Kazuki Takahashi
Nen Ayuzawa, Chihana Kotonamiya (c) me
art (c) me
If I Genderbend you by Jnennyuki
If I Genderbend you
...nvm...this work shows that I talk to my my imagination xD

Me: Chihana, you don't have a brother but, originally I intended to have a male OC XD
Chihana: So? 
Me: :meow: Representing!!!! Had you been a male character, this is how you'd look like xDDDD!!!
Chihana: =_="....
Me: You likey it? 
Chihana: =_=".... *walks out* If you're cranky again, express it on something else!!!!!>.< 

And so there you have it. 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (c) Kazuki Takahashi
 Chihana Kotonamiya (c) me
art (c) me
Wish by Jnennyuki
So here are my Arc-V OCs with the head question: If there is one wish that you want to come true, what would it be and why?  

Here are some annoying notes why they wished it ( the paper I was using didn't have much space.....)

1) Karin:
Since she and Chihana are close, she wishes to be a boy so that she could marry her. But Chihana's used to her nonsense... or is she?
I changed her haircolor- from caramel brown to chocolate brown.
2) Shiroe:
Back when Yukino and Haru were dating, she was against their relationship. However, when Yukino had declared that they were engaged, she had no choice but to accept Haru.   Apparently, it was a mystery why she hated this guy, but Yukino had two suspicions: 1) Haru reminds her of her ex who dumped her and 2) she actually likes Haru but strongly denies it (sound familiar?) xD
3) Shigeru:
He had regrets why he and his brother left the group. He had two reasons- Shun became unstable as what he had  observed, and his mother, Insignia, was totally against  them joining the group. It happened to be done in secrecy, but no secret remains hidden forever. And as for the second wish, well, please see no. 4
4) Yuji:
Let's just say in a recent encounter with Shun, the latter happened to see the LDS badge. Angrily, Shun grabbed him by the collar and began hurling some painful words without listening to reason. He was about to deliver a deadly blow when Shigeru appeared in just a nick of time and stopped him. He explained to him what the heck was going on, and even if enlightened by reason. Shun dropped Yuji on the side as if throwing trash. Shigeru felt rage  seething within him while Yuji felt bad about it, and so  wishes to deliver a blow to him someday as payback.
Apparently, Shigeru meant "good luck" on the part where Yuji wished to have punched Shun.
5) Chihana:
Um ^^; Ok never mind.   If only looks can kill... 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (c) Kazuki Takahashi
Karin, Chihana, Shiroe, Yuji, Shigeru (c) me
art (c) me
Insignia Bennett by Jnennyuki
Insignia Bennett
So here's Keniichiru's love >w< and the mother of Shigeru and Yuji (back when she was in her teens of course xD). Here's something about her: 

Insignia Bennett:  
An old classmate of Keniichiru way back in elementary, Insignia was known to have send a lot of "fake"
loveletters to all her schoolmates and thus caused a lot of chaos. When Keniichiru happened to be one of
her victims, he challenged her to a duel and won under the condition that she would admit that she was
the culprit of what was happening. Due to humiliation, Inisignia left Heartland city in order to forget the
humiliation but had promised herself that Keniichiru would pay for it in due time.
When this "due time" arrived, she happened to forget about her vengeance. However, there was a time
wherein she was drunk and crossed the street and was about to get hit by some vehicles. Keniichiru,
who was on his way from the grocery, held her hand and pushed her back. Inisgnia's sight of him was
blurry, and while staring at his face, she collapsed on his chest. When she regained consciousness, she
was lying down in the nearest clinic and draped over her shoulders was an olive green jacket. As she
recalled what happened last night, Keniichiru barged in to check how she was and Insignia threw the
jacket to him as she remembered what happened last night and also her vengeance against him.
However, Keniichiru forgot about her, so Insignia made a lofty introduction and recollection of what had
happened when they were in elementary, with a declaration of a rematch, which Keniichiru declined and
eventually left her.
Insignia began to follow him, just so to get back at him without realizing that she was slowly falling in
love with him. Until the time came when Keniichiru had to accept the rematch (under Nen's prompting),
with the odds in his favor. Upon losing the match, Insignia confessed her feelings to him. Keniichiru was
about to reject her when he suddenly felt Nen's evil aura behind him (she was watching all along)
eventually thanked her for that (what moves, dude, what moves). Instantly, Insignia clung to him xD.

Another time when someone was courting Insignia, Keniichiru became protective to her and decided to
ask her out, even to the instance acting as her boyfriend.

I'll add more details about her (if i remember xD)
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (c) Kazuki Takahashi
Insignia Bennett, Nen Ayuzawa, Keniichiru Kiryuu (c)  me
Art (c) me


Han Hee Neul
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Hi there! Call me Jnenn or Screensaver xD
I reside somewhere in Cebu, one of the islands found in the Philippines. My age is unknown xD but I look too young for my age. Right now, Im a full-time faculty in one of the prestigious schools in Cebu, although probationary status (I'll work harder). Part time I work in deviantart as an aspiring artist, seeking for inspirations.

I waste my time through the following:
surfing net, reading, drawing, eating, doing some school-related stuff, watching teleserye at ibp, studying and more surfing the net. I also do malling and/or window shopping xD

Favourite cartoon character: Aki Izayoi, Victorique de Blois, Yusei Fudo, Jaden Yuki, Yugi Mutou, Yami Yugi/Atem, Fubuki Tenjoin/Atticus Rhodes , Kyosuke Kiryu:), Juuri Kuran and Zero Kiryuu
Favorite Anime: Tons! Yu-gi-oh series and the rest of its generations xD, RomeoxJuliet, Le Chevalier D'eon, Trinity Blood, Maid-sama!, Pandora Hearts, Skip Beat!
Personal Quote: teardrops are works of art...

[Stmp] Tenjouin Fubuki by AiroRokkuhauto[Stmp] Johan Anderusen by AiroRokkuhauto[Stmp] Marufuji Ryou II by AiroRokkuhautoYGO GX: Female Johan by Vulpixi-Stamps Rather have Zero stamp by MidnaMoonZero+Yuki stamp by crimsonfire3Zero's Stamp by FofiSofia Zero Stamp by LoisFaeVampire Knight  3 by princess-femi-stampsOf Course There Is More by AyamaSullivan
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My Korean name is Han Hee Neul.
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My authentic japanese name is 松尾 Matsuo (tail of a pine tree) 千秋 Chiaki (very fine in autumn).
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Ok, so right now, I need to do two important (lol.what?) projects that must be done as in before the year ends (wow, what a goal xD) 

1.  The collab xD (I haven't started sketching it yet, but I have now an idea on the poses, the problem would be on the anatomy)

2. ZeXal! Idol/Groupie  
For the second project, I need around 8  ZeXal OCs  (male and female). I plan to make either (a) ZeXal! Idol (don't ask why) or (b) just a groupie of the OCs. However, I'll be featuring only the said 8 OCs who wants to be a part of this work. If so, then, comment on this journal and place a reference of your OC so that I can work on it xD. Of course, I'll include three of my OCs: Nen, Keniichiru and Ara. I know it's a big work, but hey I love drawing ^^. 
So the following would be joining
1. :iconstrawberrybubble456:- Shayla
2. :iconnedapl: - Miyuki
3. :iconmichaelthedragon39: - Michael
4. :iconcrystal-venice: - Yumi Tsukumo
5. :iconmangacrazy92: - Akiyama Kiyumi
6. -empty- 
7. -empty-
8. -empty-

-Yuki off xD
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  • Reading: The Despicable Guy
  • Watching: commercials xD
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  • Eating: food. but no sweets
  • Drinking: tea. not iced.

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